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You can make an ADVANCE ORDER for items not yet released, for delivery as soon as they are available. Making an ADVANCE ORDER will reserve new items for you before they are available for sale on the website, and will make sure you get new items as soon as they are released. Many Limited Edition items have a restricted availability, and making an ADVANCE ORDER will help you get the exclusive items you want.

To make an ADVANCE ORDER select items in the normal way and add them to your shopping basket. Any items not yet available will display in red text, with a notice that these items are not currently available and there is no payment to be made.

This applies to everything with the COMING SOON icon, and you can also order items that are currently SOLD OUT. By doing this, we will know you want that item and an order will be made for you internally. You will receive an automatic email as soon as your ADVANCE ORDER items are available.

Sometimes, items will be added to your ADVANCE ORDER when you try and buy more than we currently have in stock, even if the item is showing IN STOCK. For example, if you add 10 pieces of track to your Shopping Basket but our system detects that we only have 6 available, your order will be completed for 6 items and the remaining 4 will be added to your ADVANCE ORDER for your attention as soon as they are back in stock.

You still have the option to remove items from your ADVANCE ORDER if you change your mind. No payment is taken for items on your ADVANCE ORDER until you complete your order.

IMPORTANT - Please note that you have 14 Days (336 hours) after receiving your email to complete an order from your ADVANCE ORDER, or the order will be deemed to be cancelled. (see Online Payments for more details). Please note that an Advance Order is a legal contract to purchase. MRE reserve the right to cancel or refuse to accept advance orders from customers who have not completed previously available advance orders.


We are happy to save you some postage costs by combining your orders into a single parcel. This is a very good way to save costs for customers outside the UK, but if you are happy to wait until we can send you a reasonable sized parcel (maybe 6 or more cars) anyone including UK customers can save some postage costs.

ADVANCE ORDERS must be processed and paid for when they are available, but we can then save them until others orders are processed and send a single parcel. When we do this, we calculate the new shipping weight and cost, and refund you the difference. Please contact us if this service would be useful for you. Although we have to make a small administration charge for card transaction costs (see below), you can still make very good savings.

NOTE - We are charged a fee by the banks and card companies for each transaction that is paid or refunded. For example, if we send 4 orders in one parcel, we have to apply an administration charge for the other 3 orders when we make refunds. The cost of this is currently 1 per order for the UK and 2 per order for all overseas orders. This will be calculated and deducted at the time the refund is made. Refunds are typically paid on bank conciliation days, normally within 7 - 10 days. 


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